Update Notes

Update Notes

  • 1.11.0 (May/16/2024)
  • 1.10.0 (Mar/13/2024)
  • 1.9.2 (Feb/02/2024)
  • 1.9.0 (Nov/30/2023)
  • 1.8.10 (Nov/09/2023)
  • 1.8.2 (Aug/31/2023)

Jurassic World Evolution 2 - 1.8.1 Update Notes

Hello Park Managers!

We are very excited to announce that the Jurassic World Evolution 2: Prehistoric Marine Species Pack and free Update 7 are now available.

Read below for the full set of patch notes.

DLC - Prehistoric Marine Species Pack

Prehistoric Species

  • 4 x New Species
    • Shonisaurus
    • Dunkleosteus
    • Archelon
    • Nothosaurus


  • Added new environment object (Lagoon Rock Platform) to be used by Archelon and Nothosaurus
  • Added new environment need for Platforms required by Archelon and Nothosaurus

Update 7

Custom Challenge Mode

  • Players are now able to create their own challenges with 'Custom Challenge Mode'
  • Select a map - Choose from one of four preset difficulties, or create your own experience with over 40 customisable settings for you to adjust to your own liking
  • Then choose up to 3 objectives which will be required to complete your challenge
  • Each custom challenge will generate its own unique Share Code, which you can then share with others and have them recreate your personal configuration


  • Added new "Lagoon Viewing Dome" which works as a "Remote Viewing Gallery" for the lagoon
  • Added the "Amphitheatre" as a placeable building in Sandbox Mode on all levels as part of the "Jurassic Park" building style
  • When buildings are marked for deletion, scaffolding now shows immediately
  • Remote viewing entrances can now be snapped to lagoon edges

Gene Splicer/Species Viewer

  • Added the ability to mark skin and pattern colour variants as favourites
  • Added ability whilst in the Hatchery genome editing menu to only randomise your favourited colour variants

Sandbox Mode

  • Added a new setting "Dinosaur Danger to Guests" (found under the "Dinosaurs" section)
    • When set to "off", dinosaurs will not be considered a danger to guests and guests will not flee or be attacked by them
    • This can be set to "off", "on" or "on (carnivores only)"
  • Added ability as part of Demolish to Cosmetically Damage buildings in Sandbox Mode allowing players to make buildings look damaged without affecting gameplay
  • Removed all unlock requirements on Sandbox levels so that all levels are available without requiring progression in other game modes
  • Added "Intelligent" and "Fussy" traits into Sandbox Mode
    • Allowing "Intelligent" dinosaurs requires the Dinosaur Escapes setting to be "on"
    • "Fussy" dinosaurs is an additional setting as part of Dinosaur Comfort settings

Jurassic World Database

  • Added the ability to view different dinosaur model variants in the JWDB


  • Added the ability to Favourite a Dinosaur and be notified when that dinosaur is performing interesting behaviours
  • Reduced all sauropod territory requirements by 25%
  • Adjusted Spinosaurus posing in all behaviours and movements
  • Added new social behaviours to Ichythosurus, Plesiosaurus, Kronosaurus, Elasmosaurus, Attenborosaurus, Styxosaurus and Liopleuropdon
  • Marine reptile transport no longer always goes to the centre of a lagoon
  • Enabled Proceratosaurus and Monolophosaurus to attack Ranger Teams
  • Contact points for Ranger Team vehicles have been rebalanced, allowing for accurate engagements from dinosaurs

Species Viewer

  • Added ability to view behaviours in slow motion in the Species Viewer

Bug Fixes

  • Removed duplicate 'Extra Scientist' & 'Storm Defence' upgrades from Malta Acquisition Centre
  • Fixed Contracts to purchase Authorities or Underground-listed dinosaurs appearing in Sandbox Mode on Malta maps
  • Fixed automated Ranger Teams briefly displaying the "Can't reach destination" status when assigned to a Ranger Post they can reach
  • Enabled hunts by large marine reptiles on small and medium ones when they're hungry and don't have enough feeders
  • Adjusted vehicle spawn point spatial box sizes for JP Response Facility so that Ranger Teams don't act blocked when parked
  • Fixed the absences of the Herrerasaurus and Megalosaurus so they'll appear as part of the Dominion Malta Expansion campaign
  • Feathered Species Pack and Prehistoric Marine Species Pack (when owned) species are now also available in the Malta Dinosaur Exchange as part of the Dominion Malta Expansion
  • Fixed duplicate traits appearing for a Scientist when sent to rest when they were disgruntled
  • Fixed the vehicle radio in the Isla Nublar Square Sandbox playing the wrong station
  • Adjusted staff generation to provide more skilled applicants
  • Fixed Mr. DNA decoration appearing in the lights sub-menu
  • Set the correct helicopter for the Biosyn Expedition Centre's decorative variant
  • Fixed being unable to accelerate or brake when switching the camera to the inside of a Ranger Team when using a controller
  • The Heavy Fence is now available when using the DFW Building Style
  • Fixed weather and disease not appearing on Sierra Nevada square Sandbox level
  • Fixed Dinosaur Exchange Contracts appearing in Northwest USA Challenge level
  • Small and tiny pterosaurus will no longer cause panic just by flying near other dinosaurs
  • The Malta Staff Centre should now count towards the shared building limit on all Sandbox maps
  • Fixed bug where some Sauropod species would require an extra stimulant dart to wake when at 100%
  • Fixed bug where carnivore and live prey feeders could be placed on and clip into San Marie Lagoon attachment point platforms
  • Fixed Log Viewing Gallery and Dome Viewing Gallery negatively affecting transport rating
  • Additional fixes for dinosaurs and ranger teams getting stuck in place
  • Fixed players being blocked during the Dominion Malta Expansion if you transport Atrociraptors to another island before the player moves
  • Prevent vehicles being able to drive through a fence when a invisible fence joins a regular fence
  • Fixed aviary drone not being fully controllable when aviary is below a certain height.
  • Fixed tour vehicles flipping/bouncing in groups
  • Fixed research prompts for dinosaur tranquiliser not working during Washington State Wreckage Challenge level


  • Various stability fixes
  • Various animation fixes
  • Various audio fixes
  • Various text and localisation fixes

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