Secret Species Pack coming 13 March 2024
Secret Species Pack coming 13 March 2024
DLC Update

Secret Species Pack coming 13 March 2024

Hello Park Managers!

Prepare to unleash four new bioengineered hybrid dinosaurs into your parks with the Secret Species Pack, coming to Jurassic World Evolution 2 on 13 March!

These genetically modified additions are more detailed than ever before, giving your guests a unique and memorable experience as they gaze upon these magnificent new species, including fan-favourite bioluminescent variations to make nighttime an enchanting experience.

New Dinosaurs

Get ready to welcome these extraordinary hybrids into your parks.


JWE2 - Secret Species Pack - Spinoceratops

A mighty hybrid combined from Sinoceratops and Spinosaurus DNA. First introduced in season four of the hit series, Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous, this species is instantly recognisable from its impressive fin to its imposing horn. However, DNA analysis indicates that Spinoceratops is a predominantly peaceful species.


JWE2 - Secret Species Pack - Stegoceratops

First glimpsed in the movie Jurassic World on Dr. Wu’s computer, the Stegoceratops combines the might of the Triceratops with the spine defences of the mighty Stegosaurus. Its intimidating horns coupled with its spiked tail, neck, and back make this armoured species a formidable challenge for predators, should they wish to take the risk of challenging it.


JWE2 - Secret Species Pack - Ankyldocus at night

Ankylodocus, the largest bioengineered species, boasts sharp spikes on its back and a clubbed tail making this gentle giant a thundering presence in any park.


JWE2 - Secret Species Pack - Spinoraptor

This predator possesses the cunning and ferociousness of its parent species: the Velociraptor and Spinosaurus. As a social creature the Spinoraptor is happiest when with others of it's own species.

Bioluminescent Skins

JWE2 - Secret Species Pack - Spinoceratops

New nighttime bioluminescent skins are coming for the four new hybrids as well as for the Indominus Rex and the Indoraptor! These skins will bring your parks to life when the sun goes down, allowing you some hint to where the more dangerous dinosaurs might be lurking in the bushes!

The Secret Species Pack is available on Wednesday 13 March! Don't forget to wishlist on Steam here

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