Dominion Malta Expansion and Update 5 coming 8 December 2022
Dominion Malta Expansion and Update 5 coming 8 December 2022
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Dominion Malta Expansion and Update 5 coming 8 December 2022

Welcome, Park Managers, to our new expansion!

Introducing the Jurassic World Evolution 2: Dominion Malta Expansion, coming December 8 for £15.99/€19.99/$19.99.

Set before the dramatic events of Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment’s Jurassic World Dominion, you’ll head to the warmth of the Mediterranean and attempt to manage multiple dinosaur facilities across three locations. In the Dominion Malta Expansion, you'll be able to discover new prehistoric species, three new island maps, Malta inspired buildings, and an all-new campaign!

Shall we take a look at what's included in our new DLC?

New Prehistoric Species and Skins

Give your guests an unforgettable experience with four captivating species introduced in Jurassic World Dominion, as well as some stunning new variants of existing species and additional film skins! All of the dinosaurs included in this pack come with 12 body colour and 7 skin patterns each.


Arguably even more dangerous than its velociraptor cousins, Atrociraptor has a bulkier body and boxier snout. Not to worry, though, we'll be providing you with all four of the Atrociraptor's iconic Jurassic World Dominion skins, Ghost, Red, Tiger, and Panthera!

Atrociraptor Screenshot


This short, squat herbivore is notable for its tusks and horned beak, which are used to bite off bits of vegetation. With powerful forelimbs and an unusual-shaped skull, we're sure your guests will be thrilled to see them in your parks! Lystrosaurus will also have a 2022 skin, based on Jurassic World Dominion!

Lystrosaurus Screenshot


Don't let Oviraptor's size fool you; they possess an incredibly powerful jaw for their size! Originally thought to steal other species' eggs (hence the name Oviraptor, which means 'egg thief'), it's since been understood to be an omnivore. With a distinctive head crest and feathers, Oviraptor has an incredibly unique look. In-game, you'll also be able to enjoy a 2022 skin.

Oviraptor Screenshot

Moros Intrepidus

One of the smallest Tyrannosauroids to have ever existed, the Moros Intrepidus is only a fraction of the size of its famous relative, the T. rex. Despite its short stature, it is known to be a quick and nimble hunter. With an incredible 2022 skin, Moros Intrepidus is a formidable addition to any park.

JWE2 DLC5 - Moros Intrepidus

Ensure your prehistoric species are as awe-inspiring as ever, with new 2022 variants for each of the following:

  • Allosaurus
  • Dimorphodon
  • Iguanodon

The Iguanodon 2022 variant will also be getting 12 new body colours and 7 new patterns - we can't wait to see what you do with them!

You'll also be able to sink your claws into a new Carnotaurus 2022 skin.

Allosaurus Screenshot
Carnotaurus Screenshot
Dimorphodon Screenshot
Iguanadon Screenshot

New Campaign

Set before the events of Jurassic World Dominion, help lead a brand-new enterprise in Malta. Work alongside Cabot Finch and key figures from the film, including Kayla Watts (voiced by DeWanda Wise), Soyona Santos (voiced by Dichen Lachman), Barry Sembène (voiced by Omar Sy), and Lewis Dodgson (voiced by Campbell Scott) as you set up parks across three new Mediterranean locations. New species will be acquired via the Dinosaur Exchange, where you'll also be able to find eggs and genome data - no Expeditions or Fossil Extractions here! Make your mark and develop a profitable network of parks utilising brand new Malta buildings and decorations.

You'll be required to work with both the Underground and Authorities, building trust with these organisations via various actions to unlock further opportunities such as hatchery upgrades, locations, and more. Progress is persistent across all three locations, including your research – switch between them on the fly, or even move dinosaurs from one island to the other. Money and scientists will be independent per island, though, so you'll need to ensure each one is running as well as possible to complete this new campaign scenario! You'll unlock these three locations during campaign mode, and will also be able to enjoy each of these new islands in Sandbox Mode as separate maps, as well as the all new Malta buildings and decorations.

Dominion Malta Expansion
Dominion Malta Expansion

Update 5

Alongside the new Jurassic World Evolution 2: Dominion Malta Expansion, we're also releasing Update 5, which is a free update for anyone who owns Jurassic World Evolution 2. This update comes with new levels and features, as well as some quality of life updates and bug fixes. It also adds the ability to import saves from PlayStation 4 consoles to PlayStation 5 consoles.

New Challenge Levels

Update 5 includes the 5 DFW Campaign maps as Challenge Levels, which will become accessible once you've earned 7 stars across all maps in Challenge Mode. These include Arizona Breakout, Washington State Wreckage, Pennsylvania Headquarters, Oregon Aviary, and California Photography - a brand new photography challenge! You'll also be dealing with some brand new Challenge Conditions, which will vary across levels. These range from Tranquilliser Upgrades, which will require you to research new upgrades to tranquilise any dinosaur over a Level 2 Security Rating, Psychological Trauma, which will require you to hire Scientists with the 'Psychologist' trait to cure dinosaurs who possess this trait, and Staff Hiring Requirements, which will require you to meet certain needs before you're able to hire Expert staff members. We're sure you'll be up to the challenge(s), Park Managers!

New Tiny Dinosaur Behaviours

There are brand new behaviours for tiny dinosaurs in Update 5! This includes group attacks for Moros Intrepidus and Compsognathus on guests & goats, as well as changes to navigation logic, so that Lystrosaurus, Oviraptor, Moros Intrepidus and Compsognathus will navigate around water. Lystrosaurus, Oviraptor, Moros Intrepidus and Compsognathus also have some adjustments to their collision behaviours, so that they will now no longer collide with guests or vehicles!

UI Changes

Update 5 features a plethora of changes to how UI works in Jurassic World Evolution 2. Now, when transporting a dinosaur, you'll be able to see the outlines of territories and dinosaurs of that species, as well as an icon above which dinosaurs are liked, disliked, or neutral to that species whilst in transit. Once you've placed dinosaurs in their enclosures, selecting the Alpha of that species will also highlight the rest of said species for you, so you can see how many of one species you have within that enclosure.

There are lots more UI Changes you'll notice in Update 5, including a new 'ailment and tranquilise' icon when controlling the Capture Team or adding a new task, earlier fight notifications so you can step in when two dinosaurs aren't getting along, and an added notification when Park Tours are disabled by a storm. You'll be able to learn about the rest of the changes in the patch notes, which will be released December 8.

Quality of Life Changes

Of course, we've also got some quality of life updates coming your way in Update 5! These include Tour vehicles honking at dinosaurs blocking their way, as well as ensuring sleeping dinosaurs are reactive when being honked at, and territory decaying more slowly near desirable feeders that are inside the territory. Alongside this, the Kentrosaurus 2015 and Ouranosaurus 2015 Variants (both from the Camp Cretaceous Dinosaur Pack), as well as the 2022 Variants of Dreadnoughtus and Giganotosaurus from the Dominion Biosyn Expansion will each be getting 12 new body colours and 7 new pattern colour options, and you'll now be able to view a Body Variant selector in the genome editor and Species Viewer for these species.

There will be more quality of life changes, as well as bug fixes, in the full patch notes coming out on 8 December.

We will have more details to share about what you can expect from the Jurassic World Evolution 2: Dominion Malta Expansion and free Update 5 in the lead up to full release on 8 December. Keep your eyes peeled to our forums and social channels for any and all updates.

What are you most excited for in this new DLC and Update, Park Managers? Let us know in the comments!

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