Park Managers’ Collection Pack coming 16 May 2024
Park Managers’ Collection Pack coming 16 May 2024
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Park Managers’ Collection Pack coming 16 May 2024

Hello Park Managers!

Discover a range of iconic species with the Jurassic World Evolution 2: Park Managers’ Collection Pack on 16 May!

From legendary giants of the oceans and skies, to the most diminutive of prehistoric creatures to walk the earth, these four new species will bring your parks to life and give your guests a reason to visit!

New Dinosaurs

Welcome these four incredible species, and a new T. rex skin:


JWE2 - Megalodon

The Megalodon is an apex predator that ruled the oceans for over thirteen million years. With a bite five times stronger than that of a T. rex, this colossal hunter is the largest shark ever discovered and the true meaning of ferocity.


JWE2 - Microceratus

Hailing from the Late Cretaceous period, this small ceratopsid has a distinctive frill and moves with agility and speed to avoid predators. With a name meaning ‘Small-horned’, this fascinating little herbivore likes to live in larger groups of their own species.


JWE2 - Segisaurus

Scurrying through the sands of the Early Jurassic Period, Segisaurus is a small therapod with long arms and powerful legs for its size. Less fearsome than its larger brethren, it relies on speed and cunning to hunt its prey.


JWE2 - Thanatosdrakon

This aptly named ‘dragon of death’ ruled over the prehistoric skies of South America during the Late Cretaceous period. With an enormous wingspan of approximately 30 ft, this giant Pterosaur was an aerial force to be reckoned with.

Little Eatie T. Rex Skin

Customise your T. rex with a new skin variant based on Little Eatie, the T. rex from season four of Universal Pictures, Amblin Entertainment, and DreamWorks Animation’s hit series on Netflix, Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous.

Free Update Content

Kelp Plants

Add some extra foliage to your lagoons with three new Kelp plant decorations!

Land Based Lagoon Light

A version of the Lagoon Light is coming in the free update that can be built on land to illuminate your parks!

The free update will be available alongside The Park Managers' Collection Pack on Thursday 16 May!

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