Free Update 7 Highlight
Free Update 7 Highlight
Game Update

Free Update 7 Highlight

Hey Park Managers!

You might've seen some of our teasers over on our social channels by now, and we're sure you're hankering to see what's coming in Free Update 7... so that means it's time for our Free Update Highlight!

We've got a range of incredible additions coming your way in Update 7... shall we dive in?

JWE2 - Update 7 - Challenge

Custom Challenge Mode

Whether you've finished up on your Jurassic difficulty Challenges, or are wanting to see whether your friends' park management skills are up to scratch, you'll be able to enjoy a brand new challenge with Custom Challenge Mode. From selecting the map and up to 3 objectives, to customising over 40 settings so your challenge is totally unique, you'll be able to create - and share - your very own Challenges. Each Challenge you create will generate its own unique share code, so you can send it to your friends or share it on your social channels.

We'll even be sharing some of our own custom challenges from some familiar faces on our channels in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out!

JWE2 - Update 7 - Dome Exterior

Lagoon Viewing Dome

With the incredible new species coming to your Lagoons in the Jurassic World Evolution 2: Prehistoric Marine Species Pack, we're offering your park guests a whole new way to observe them - with the Lagoon Viewing Dome! This brand new viewing area will function much like the Remote Viewing Galleries included in our previous update, and all Remote Viewing Entrances will also now be able to snap to the edges of your Lagoons, making your guests' experience even better! Lagoon Viewing Domes will offer a whole new underwater view for your guests, allowing them to see your marine species like never before.

JWE2 - Update 7 - Favourite skin

Skin and Dinosaur Favouriting

As of Update 7, we'll be introducing two new features to make it easier than ever before to both manage your favourite skins and variations, and keep an eye on your favourite species once they're in your park.

First up, you'll now be able to mark skin and pattern colour variants as favourites in the species viewer, allowing you a way to save the variations that you prefer in a simple, easy-to-see way. When you're in the Hatchery genome editing menu, you'll then be able to choose to only randomise your favourited colour variants, allowing you even more freedom over how your species look in your park!

You'll also now be able to favourite specific dinosaurs in your parks. This will allow you to receive notifications when those dinosaurs in particular are performing interesting behaviours, as well as placing a beacon at their current location so you can easily head to them. Your favourited dinosaurs will also appear with a green highlight on your map overview, so you can always check in on them when needed.

JWE2 - Update 7 - Amphitheatre

Placeable Ampitheatre

We're not in San Diego any more... Yep, that's right! With Update 7, you'll now be able to place the Ampitheatre in your Sandbox parks, as part of the Jurassic Park building style. We know this is something that's been highly requested, so we're very much looking forward to seeing what you do with this iconic building in your parks!

JWE2 - Update 7 - Non Hostile

Dinosaur Guest Hostility

Want to make your prehistoric species a little more... free range? Now, with Update 7, you'll be able to! When starting a new Sandbox park, you'll be able to toggle 'Dinosaur Danger to Guests' on or off, or set it to 'Carnivores Only'. With this setting off, any prehistoric species not in enclosures won't attack or injure your guests, and your safety rating and incident prevention ratings won't be impacted, either. Nothing's safer than a dinosaur park!

Additional Sandbox Mode Settings

Dinosaur hostility isn't the only change we've got coming for Sandbox players in Update 7! You'll now be able to enjoy all maps in Sandbox Mode without having to meet their unlock requirements, so that all levels are available without requiring progression in other game modes.

You'll also find that you can now add cosmetic damage to your Sandbox buildings, without affecting gameplay. Found under the 'Demolish' menu option, you can choose to make your buildings look a little more worse-for-wear.

We hope you've enjoyed this highlight covering the new free update, Park Managers! Full patch notes on all the quality of life changes, as well as bug fixes will be available on 10 August.

Keep your eyes peeled to our forums and social channels for any and all updates, and get more information on the new Jurassic World Evolution 2: Prehistoric Marine Species Pack, and add to your Steam Wishlist.

Want to see the Free Update and the Jurassic World Evolution 2: Prehistoric Marine Species Pack in action before the launch? We'll be previewing all the newness on our next livestream, at 4PM BST on 9 August, over on Twitch and YouTube!

What are you most excited for in the upcoming free update? Let us know in the forums!

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