Late Cretaceous Pack and Update 4 Out Now!
Late Cretaceous Pack and Update 4 Out Now!
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Late Cretaceous Pack and Update 4 Out Now!

Hello Park Managers!

We're excited to announce that the Jurassic World Evolution 2: Late Cretaceous Pack is now available, alongside Update 4!

The Late Cretaceous Pack will introduce four incredible new species that your guests are bound to find fascinating. You'll be able to discover the high-flying hunter Barbaridactylus and huge Alamosaurus, which is one of the largest dinosaurs ever discovered. You'll also meet the agile predator Australovenator, and streamlined marine reptile Styxosaurus. These spectacular Late Cretaceous species are sure to make an impressive addition to any park.


With a distinctive head crest, Barbaridactylus is a flying hunter from the Late Cretaceous era that will make a great addition to your park's Aviary.


One of the largest dinosaurs ever found, Alamosaurus is a herbivore with large spines running along its back and tail, meaning potential predators would not have an easy time trying to attack!


An agile carnivore with a lightweight frame, Australovenator has flexible arms and a fearsome set of incredibly sharp teeth, making it a daunting predator.


With a streamlined shape and large fins, Styxosaurus is an incredibly fast underwater predator that makes for a foreboding addition to a Lagoon - you can also modify Styxosaurus' genome with bioluminescent pattern colours for a real wow factor!

We can't wait to see what kinds of incredible enclosures you create for these four new species and how you incorporate them into your park.

Free Update 4

Releasing alongside the Late Cretaceous Pack is Update 4, which is a free update for everyone who owns Jurassic World Evolution 2. This includes lots of exciting additions as well as some quality of life updates and bug fixes, and all you need to do to access this content is update your game.

JWE2 Late Creteceous Pack - Lagoon customisation

You'll be able to customise your park even more with this update, which is bringing you brand new amenity and attraction building decorations like planters and fountains, as well as the exciting addition of decorations that can be placed round the edges and on the bottoms of all Lagoons! These include items like Lagoon Rocks, Lagoon Cages, and even Lagoon Coral, so you have even more control over how your Lagoons look in your park! You'll also be able to change the colour of decorative lights throughout your park thanks to this update, too.

Update 4 also brings with it some changes to how both marine and flying reptiles behave in your park, with some escaped flying reptiles now attacking Capture Team helicopters and causing damage that may lead to them needing to be replaced, and marine reptiles now attacking the sides of their Lagoon when they're uncomfortable - this can lead to injury, so you'll want to make sure their needs are met to avoid this!

Sandbox settings are also getting some new features with this free update, and you'll notice more sandbox options around dinosaur Traits when Gene Editing, including the ability to create negative Traits, the ability to have infinite Traits, and the ability to have infinite Trait points, as well as new Cohabitation settings for Normal, All Like, or No Dislike to give you the most freedom in creating your Jurassic World. Your custom settings for Sandbox Mode will now also save between sessions, so that you can play the way you prefer quickly and easily.

We hope you've enjoyed learning more about some of the new features available in the Late Cretaceous Pack and Free Update 4; what are you most looking forward to trying?

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