Late Cretaceous Pack and Update 4 Coming September 15 2022
Late Cretaceous Pack and Update 4 Coming September 15 2022
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Late Cretaceous Pack and Update 4 Coming September 15 2022

Welcome, Park Managers, to our latest Species Pack!

Introducing the Jurassic World Evolution 2: Late Cretaceous Pack, coming September 15 for £5.99/$7.99/€7.99.

Inspired by the fascinating Late Cretaceous period, our latest Pack includes four new species that roamed the land, sea and air over 65 million years ago, including both a stealthy hunter of the skies and one of the largest dinosaurs ever discovered.

Without further ado, let's take a closer look at the species you'll be able to discover in the new Late Cretaceous Pack!


Named after the Barbary Coast of North Africa where it was discovered, Barbaridactylus is a flying hunter that lived towards the end of the Late Cretaceous era. With its incredibly distinctive head crest, it's likely to make a thrilling addition to an Aviary in any park.


With shin bones taller than the average human, Alamosaurus is one of the largest dinosaurs ever discovered! Although a herbivore, Alamosaurus' large spines running down its shoulders, back and tail made it far from easy prey for any potential predators. This gigantic dinosaur is bound to fascinate your guests.


Thought to have lived in Australia about 95 million years ago, Australovenator was an agile carnivore with a lightweight frame that allowed it to move quickly. Its extremely sharp teeth and flexible arms made it a formidable predator adept at stalking - and chasing down - prey.


This marine reptile is sure to make an impressive addition to any park's Lagoon. Styxosaurus' streamlined shape and sizeable fins made it an incredibly fast underwater predator. Don't forget to try modifying Styxosaurus' genome with bioluminescent pattern colours to really wow your guests!

Update 4

We've got a lot of exciting additions and features coming in Update 4, a free update for everyone who owns Jurassic World Evolution 2, including both quality of life updates and bug fixes. Keep reading to find out more!

JWE2 Late Creteceous Pack - Lagoon customisation

Lagoon Customisation & Decoration

You'll be able to experience a new range of customisation for your Lagoons in Update 4, with brand new decorations which can be placed around the edges and on the bottoms of all Lagoons! These include a Lagoon Fountain, Lagoon Cages, Lagoon Rocks and Lagoon Coral, amongst other decorative items. In order to ensure that you're able to enjoy these new decorations as much as possible, we've also incorporated various Quality of Life updates for Lagoons, including improving the clarity of Lagoon water and viewing stand glass so that there's a clearer look into the Lagoon water itself. You'll also be able to move the game camera into the water of Lagoons, allowing you to fully appreciate your decorative handiwork.

Behaviour Changes

Update 4 also features additions to both flying and marine reptile behaviours that will change the way they act within your park. The first of these changes is one your Capture Teams are likely to notice quite quickly - certain escaped flying reptiles will now attack Capture Team helicopters! You'll notice there is now a condition bar above your Capture Teams, which will be impacted when under attack by a flying reptile. Once this bar runs out, the Capture Team will be destroyed, and you will need to purchase replacement teams.

With this update, you'll also see a change to how your marine reptiles behave when they're uncomfortable: they'll begin attacking the walls of your Lagoon when they're unhappy, and can become injured during this process, so make sure you're meeting their needs to avoid this unwelcome outcome!

We'll also be making some adjustments to dinosaur cohabitation preferences in the new update, adding Likes relationships between both Hadrosaurid and Ceratopsids and Ornithomimosaurids and Ceratopsids. Ceratopsids can now cohabit with other Ceratopsids, too, although there will be some exceptions to this.

Building Decorations

This latest update will allow you to see some exciting new changes to how you decorate your dinosaur park, with brand new amenity and attraction building decorations now available. These include several new planters and even some new fountains that you'll be able to add to the outside of these buildings to offer more control over your amenity and attraction's look and feel.

Whilst we're on the topic of lights, Update 4 also brings with it the ability to change the colour of decorative lights throughout your park, using a new Lighting tab within the Decorations panel. This new subsection will highlight all of the available decorations which contain editable lights, and you'll also notice a new 'Edit Light Colour' mode that allows you to quickly and easily paint lights across the park. Your gameplay will automatically switch over to night time whilst you're doing this, for ease!

Postcards and Stamps

Wishing you could write home about your Jurassic World Evolution 2 creations? Look no further than the brand new overlay options we're bringing you with Update 4: Capture Mode will now be home to 6 new postcard overlays and 4 new stamp overlays, allowing you to share your dinosaur park in an entirely new and exciting way.

JWE2 Late Creteceous Pack - New sandbox changes

Additional Sandbox Settings

There are a number of quality of life changes coming to Sandbox Mode in Update 4, allowing for even greater freedom in designing your very own Jurassic World. Not only have we redesigned Sandbox Settings to make them more readable, but your custom settings will also save between sessions, so you can play the way you want to every single time.

You'll also notice that Update 4 brings with it more sandbox options around dinosaur Traits when Gene Editing, including the ability to create negative Traits, the ability to have infinite Traits, and the ability to have infinite Trait points, and there are new Cohabitation settings for Normal, All Like, or No Dislike, too, allowing you even more freedom in how you build your Jurassic World.

Finally, we've also included an Instant Construction/Destruction setting, meaning no more waiting for new buildings or attractions!

We hope you've enjoyed reading more about the upcoming Late Cretaceous Pack and some of the updates that are going to be included for free in Update 4. Which features are you most looking forward to?

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